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Own a piece of paradise…

There’s no denying it, it’s been calling to you for a while. You won’t need a sign-ier sign than landing here on this page right now…

How about dropping us some info first, so we can get started?

Our Mission & Values

We seek to create a self-sustaining sanctuary where you can live a holistic lifestyle, design and build your own home, grow your own food, raise livestock, connect with nature and God for spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being.  Our mission is to welcome people of all faiths to be inclusive, and altruistic in nature.



We are a law-abiding community in northern Belize with integrity and express our core values in the midst of challenges.


We embrace comedy, fun, music, dance and creative expression.


We aspire regularly to express kindness, joy, love, and faith. We are international in our outreach and partnership with our extended community, sharing our gifts and talents with the international and local community.

The Vision

We envision a secure family-friendly intentional community of kind people of all ages, abilities, and faith systems, who want to step away from the insanity of the world, reconnect with themselves, their neighbors, Mother Nature and God, while impacting those around them in a positive way and living a healthy, balanced life.

Belize is not just a tourist destination, it’s also the place you can live out your dream of a peaceful life, full of culture, history, and healthy eats.

Your future is here.








Corozal, Belize

Stay in Belize

Own your own piece of paradise (0.55 and 0.33 acre) in the Itaxah Village community with people who have worked out the ins-and-out of living, retiring, and working in Belize.

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