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Our Vision

Itaxah Village

We’re looking for 16 international, innovative thinkers, world-changers, and altruistic and socially conscious investors who want to live intentionally and sustainably in community while positively impacting each other and the Belizean people.

Our 20-acre intentional faith and health-oriented community is located between Corozal Town and Consejo Shores, 1/4 mile from the Caribbean Sea in the norther part of Belize, Central America.

Belize is not just a tourist destination, it’s also the place you can live out your dream of a peaceful life, full of culture, history, and healthy eats → it’s all organic and fresh from farm-to-table.

Your future is here.

Itaxah Village

Our Core Values


All faiths are welcome as long as you are pursuing an intentional relationship with God and are respectful of all beliefs.


We value organic, natural food direct from farm-to-table. We also provide communal space and activities to enhance your physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being. Communal meals are a regular practice for our community.


We aspire regularly to express kindness, joy, love, and fatih. We are intentional in our outreach and partnership with our extended community, sharing our gifts and talents with the international and local community.


We embrace comedy, fun, music, dance, and creative expression. You can share your gifts and talents with the community in outdoor performance and communal areas.  Some amenities such as a community centre or multi-purpose room will be added or are in-progress for the benefit of all.


We strive to create a safe and secure environment physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  We respect an individual’s right to own licensed firearms, secure their property.  We are creating a safe space for spiritual development and emotional well-being.


We abide by the laws of Belize and strive to have our “yes’ mean ‘yes’, and our ‘no’ mean ‘no’. We understand there are differences in cultures in regards to to things like timeliness and efficiency, but regardless of the stresses of living in a foreign country, we are a law-abiding community with integrity while expressing our core values even in the midst of challenges.


We welcome formal applications for visitors both short-term and long-term into our community. As a visitor, you are welcome to stay awhile with us first to see if Itaxah Village is right for you.

We’re offering 16 lots for sale (0.55 acres and 0.33 acres) to carefully vetted applicants who aspire to our Mission and Vision, are brave enough to step out in faith, and start a new life in Belize.

You’re an ideal candidate if you’re…

→ A person who can offer a gift of hospitality and invest or setup a guest-home facility for people who are staying short- or long-term before investing in our community.

→ An innovative architect with Off-Grid Vision (traditional services are available but we encourage off-grid).

→ A digital nomad, artist, chiropractor, musician, theologian, medical professionals, assisted living specialists, engineer, landscaper, organic farmer, teacher, community outreach specialist. Anyone in healthcare, arts, or investments communities are ideal.

→ A differently abled person of any age looking to learn, live, and grow.

We strive to create a safe, welcoming, inclusive community.

We know that living in an intentional community can be challenging so please, no extremists

You must be able to show love to all faiths and people of diverse backgrounds, races, ethnicities, ages, and abilities.

The Communal Area

You’re invited to spend time with others in our secured, communal area (with direct access from your property):


→ Ten acres of fenced, natural area

→ Community center with a multi-purpose space

→ Swimming pool

→ Community garden

→ Community orchard

→ Livestock grounds

→ Nature trails

→ Spiritual and meditation spaces

→ Beach access 1/4 mile from Itaxah Village

Community Benefits of

Own a piece of paradise ... (it's been your dream for some time)

You’ll own your own lot (0.55 or 0.33 acre) within our community and village with people who have worked out the ins-and-outs of living, retiring, or working in Belize.

Moderate monthly maintenance fee

Choose to pay with cash or community services exchange.

Easy access to the coastline

Itaxah Village is only 1/4 mile from beach access to Corozal Bay, part of the Caribbean ocean.

Not ready to invest? Stay awhile first

Short-term AirBnB rental as licensed by Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is permitted.

Are you business-savvy? look into starting a business ...

Our professional network of expats and locals can help you with business plannning, registration, licensing, and maintenance (if you need to be away). We can assist you with licensing, permits, and immigration paperwork upon request.

You can Vacation-Where-You-Work

This is a developing branch of tourism that is gaining popularity as more digital nomads come to Belize to work while on vacation.

Ready to retire and want to spend less on day-to-day living expenses?

It’s easy to retire here if you meet eligibility requirements and have ALL paperwork ready with your application.  For more info, go to  https://belizetourismboard.org/programs-events/retirement-program/ 

Needing a life restart / jumpstart?

This life-changing opportunity helps you to intentionally create a new life in a new country while engaging in healthy habits, spiritual growth, and achieving emotional balance while making a difference in the lives of others, right near the Caribbean Sea in Corozal District, Belize, Central America!

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